Ice Cream

Smooth and creamy taste with various flavors.Naing is a brunch from Modern ice food manufacturing.


NAING Popsicle productshas widest variety of choices for you! If you want to find refreshing taste and also nutritious dessert after your lunch in hot weather, HERE YOU GO!Naing Popsicle for you! Make from natural sources. You can get experience the taste of ice bar that you hardly get in your life. We only offer healthy and delicious quality products. Our products will serve you rich vitamin C in non- diary Popsicle and also creamy milk taste in diary Popsicle. Here are the various kinds you can choose.

Available choices

  • Strawberry ice bar
  • Milk strawberry ice bar
  • Raspberry ice bar
  • Blueberry ice bar
  • Sour strawberry ice bar
  • Mango ice bar
  • Squash ice bar
  • Coconut ice bar
  • Grape ice bar
  • Guava ice bar
  • Avocado ice bar
  • Banana ice bar
  • Durian ice bar
  • Pine apple ice bar
  • Orange
  • Lime popsicle
  • Tamarind popsicle
  • Corn popsicle
  • Cream soda popsicle
  • Fruity kweka
  • Faluda popsicle
  • Yogurt
  • Bean popsicle
  • Chocolate ice bar
  • Black jelly ice bar
  • Milk black jelly ice bar
  • Milk jelly ice bar
  • Milk ice bar
  • Water melon
  • Milk chocolate
  • Strawberry twist
  • Mote LatSaung ice bar
  • Apple popsicle
  • Honey orange popsicle
  • Honey lime popsicle
  • Taro ice bar
  • Passion fruit popsicle
  • Lychee popsicle

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